Sybreed – God is an Automation

God is an AutomationRelease Date: September 24th
Genre: Progressive Industrial Metal

Sybreed – God is an Automation is the fourth full-length release from Sybreed, with the other 3 being in my opinion masterpieces. I got into Sybreed 3 years ago while listening to the The Pules Of Awakening an amazing album that is so unique that it blew me off my seat, with it’s electronic chunky-metal fusion. From then I listened to the rest of their discography and was amazed at the amount of musicianship and songwriting that went into every track. At the start of 2012 I missed their tour of Australia very disappointingly, hopefully they will tour down here again once this album is released. They have released a drum and guitar studio diaries, the Album art work is from my favourite artist Seth Siro Anton which you can read here from my own blog. You can listen and learn more about the band here, they are very much worth your time

You can view their first track from the album here

The Faceless – Autotheism

God is an AutomationRelease Date: August 14th
Genre: Progressive Technical Death Metal

The Faceless – Autotheism is the third full-length release from The Faceless, this album has been long overdue with their last release being four years ago. I discovered The Faceless 5 years ago before their Planetary Duality release, they were on the border of Death Metal and Dethcore at this stage. I loved it however they had the potential to become, how can I put it?…crap. But the Planetary Duality album really dismantled any doubts I had with them, and I love their whole discography. I saw The Faceless in 2009 as part of the Summer Slaughter tour where I also saw Necrophagist, Dying Fetus and Aborted, The Faceless were brilliant. I remember I just stared at the drummer the whole set in amazement. They have two studio reports out, Number 1 and Number 2, there is also a live version of a new song called Deconsecrate which some bit almost sound like Mr Bungle, which makes me very giddy about. The album artwork I have not found out who has made it, I am currently hearing back from the band about that.

You can view the Album’s trailer here

Katatonia – Dead End Kings

Katatonia - Dead End KingsRelease Date: August 27th
Genre: Alternative Metal

Katatonia – Dead End Kings is the ninth full-length release in the long career of Katatonia. I discovered Katatonia all the way back in 2007 the first song I listened to was ‘My Twin’ off The Great Cold Distance album. After that I was hooked, listening to everything they have ever done and not going a day without listening a couple of songs by them, they are one of the highest played bands in my music collection and I will listen to them until I am in the ground. To date I have not seen them live, which I am hoping will change after this album, I hope they do a headline tour of Australia, one can only dream. The band has an interview on the new album and their upcoming tour of Europe, the artwork is made by Travis Smith who has made their artworks since 1999, you can view all of Travis’s works here

You can view the song Dead Letters from the new album here

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy

Cryptopsy - CryptopsyRelease Date: September 11th
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy is the seventh full-length album by the Canadian Death metal pioneers. I found my self listening to Cryptopsy in 2005 where albums such as None so Vile and Whisper Supremacy became very regular in my listening. Their combination of atypical grooves and chunky ass riffs that you can sink your teeth into made me a fan for life. However…their latest woeful release made me cringe and my respect for the band had gone. Since 2008 when that abomination came out, I did not listen to Cryptopsy very often and then I listened to the new album trailer….Cryptopsy is back and with a vengeance, this made me incredibly happy and made me full of excitement for the new album, however I will have to wait until the album comes out to make a opinion on it. To date I have not seen them live, the artwork is made by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie the Guitarist and Keyboardist from Mnemic whose work can be found here

You can view the trailer from the new album here

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future SequenceRelease Date: October 9th
Genre: Progressive Metal

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence is the seventh full-length by the crazy American fuckers. I have only started listening to BTBAM at the start of this year. I was always turned off the idea of listening to them due to their name, sentence long names usally means the band is a shit core band. However I gave them a listen and was dumbfounded at what I heard such progression and technical attributes to the music that made them ridiculously interesting, for anyone that has not listened to them for the same reason, listen to them you will be surprised at what you find. I suggest checking out Alaska and Colours, I have not yet seen them live I am pretty sure they will tour down here soon though, The artwork is made by Chandler Owen whose work can be found here

You can view the song Telos from the new album here


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